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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

skin care skin care skin care.....

So i was lying in bed last night thinking about what i should talk about today, and decided that starting with the basics would be best.

We all know that there are days when your skin feels, and looks like you just spent the night on the floor of that local biker bar you would rather not name. We also know that when our skin isn't agreeing with us, whether it be stress, diet or environmental issues it doesn't seem to matter how much makeup you put on, you still look like shit.... but now you also look pasty or orange... depending on your skin tone.

There are so many self proclaimed "miracle products"out there. I CALL BULLSHIT. Either its the same product that was out there 5 years ago... they have just changed the packaging and slapped a big "new & improved"sign on it... OR it does what the other product that is $60 cheaper can do, that you find at your local drug store. So lets talk about those diamonds in the rough.... the products that practise what they preach...the creme De la cremes... But first, the
bottom line... If the canvas isn't of good quality and appearance, nothing you put on it is going to look as good as it would, if you were using a quality surface to begin with. So, with that said, lets get your skin looking its best.

First of all, you need a good cleanser that works with your skin type. I am currently using a cleanser called Purity, Also made my Philosophy. It came recommended by a gf who has very sensitive skin ... and if she was singing its praises... i thought i should give it a shot. Its a one-step facial cleanser... and so far so good. It gives your skin a nice soft, yet clean feeling. It seems very gentle, as far as cleansers go. Yet, did a very good job at removing makeup. The product directions state to apply a generous amount ( the size of a quarter did just fine) to dry or damp skin and to massage for 60 seconds. I found that it dries into your skin a little bit during the messaging... but once you rinse it off you feel no trace of residue.
Philosophy's Purity is available at Sephora stores or online. 3fl oz. bottle $14 CND. 6fl oz bottle $26 CND.

Alright.... I'm off to the gym so have a great day and tomorrow we will chat about Toners... What they do, and why you should use one.

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