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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Face Products that actually work!

Hi! So a little back ground on the product pimpette... OK. I'm a 28 year old mother of a beautiful baby girl. I graduated from the prestigious Blanche MacDonald Center with a Master Makeup Artistry Diploma a few years ago.

Over the years i have bought a bunch of products... makeup, skin care, hair care... you name it... its in my bathroom. My husband would agree... note how i said "my" bathroom and not "our" bathroom as all of my stuff leaves him with about 2 sq inches of space for nothing more than his toothbrush :)

Anyways, I have spent copious amounts of money on products that A) Don't work B) Smell too funny to put on my face or C) Looked SOOOO pretty in the packaging that i had to buy it. oh yea! Mr. Visa loves those purchases (My husband on the other hand... not so much).

I found that i had so much stuff, i never used most of it.... but what i can tell you is there are a few products that i have discovered that i cannot live without. And frankly, neither should you. They are AMAZING. Do everything they say they will and sometimes more.... and they don't stink like fish :) A bonus if you ask me.

I decided to start this blog to share with you.... probably my only follower, Andrea... what you should and shouldn't bother wasting your money on. I am not a sales person... i am a makeup artist, and lets be honest.... with all the vendors in the department stores ie Clinique, Mac, Estee Lauder ... it gets hard to tell one of us from the other. But this i promise you... If it is shit, i will tell you:) And if its amazing, i will pimp the product out like none before me ... then probably go do a little happy dance followed by a trip to Sephora to buy another bottle of the magical goodness.

Alright... onto the good stuff... whats great... whats crap....
I will put the price of the product ( CND dollars) as well as where it was purchased. If the product is fantastic i will post pictures of the packaging so you know what your looking for as well.

I have to say... I discovered my current favorite by reading a book. yes ... i know... wtf is this chick on... but no, really. Beth Harbison's Hope in a Jar peaked my interest. Philosophy's Hope in a Jar is a moisturizer. Its packaging reads "where there is hope there can be faith, where there is faith miracles can occur." It claims to reduce environmental damage, it contains ester of lactic acid for exfoliation to promote smooth, healthy skin. It holds beta-glucan to help give the skin a rosy, healthy glow. It states that results can be seen and felt within days. That was like cosmetic catnip for me... So I walked my butt to the mall and picked up a bottle ( expensive bottle, may i add) of this moisturising masterpiece. Honestly... It is incredible... i made a good handful of my friends go out and spend $100ea on a jar. Not only did i see results within 3 weeks... i was using it once a day, against the package directions that state recommended use was twice daily. Now, on a personal note.... I'm a wee Irish lass... as my husband would say... and I'm naturally, well.... pasty. So i wont sugarcoat it when i say I LOVE SUN and TANNING. yes. I know... BAD BAD BAD BAD... but with that being said... i saw a significant improvement in the tone of my skin in just a few short weeks. It evened everything out... and i swear.... it even seemed to clear up my skin. Anyways.... its fantastic and you should go out and buy it! its an investment in your skin. Treat yourself.... Mr. Visa will love you for it .
Philosophy's Hope in a Jar. Available at Sephora Stores or Online. 2oz jar $49 (i think) and 4oz $79 ( i think) . I will post a picture of the packaging.

OK... its late... I'm off to bed.... nightie night. I will touch base on a different product tomorrow.

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