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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

As promised (Danika).... The Present.... and a little bit of the future....

Im going to do a little something different with todays blog. Im going to fill you in on a product that i am about to try, and that im kind of stoaked about :)

A few years ago i was intodruced to a product line called Arbonne. Now to be honest, I have the mentallity (apart from bare minerals & pro active) if it isnt sold in stores i dont want it. Kind of narrow minded, but im being honest. I guess i just feel like, if it was this miricle product it would be EVERYWHERE and easy to get my hands on. With that being said, I was having a mini meltdown the other day and a girlfriend of mine ( Executive Area Manager for Arbonne International) came over and brought me some treats ( and by treats, i mean the free sample varity ). We drank a bottle ( or 2 ) of wine, and got to chatting about Arbonnes latest products, and what she put in my nifty little goodie basket. Then she had me sit infront of the computer and look at some before at after pictures of models who had used the product. Let me say, it had nothing to do with the wine, these photos were unbelievable. There is a firming cream that they carry, that changed the apperance of the models stomach in 4 days... yep, 4 days. It was crazy. So much so, i was like "I want a bottle of that". lol.... No, scratch that. I want a vat. If i can get my hands on that before and after shot i will post it for you to take a look at.

Anyways, for the sake of all you yummy mummys out there that would kill for your old stomach back... I will be your guinea pig. If i am feeling extra brave ( and somewhat stupid ) i may even take a before and after shot of my own belly. I make no promises on that... but we shall see.
If you want to try the product out along with me, give me a call and i would be more than happy to order you a bottle. Again, its called Arbonne RE9 Advanced firming body cream if you want to google it. Available online or through myself. I will keep you posted on the results. I may also share with you some of the other goodies that were in my basket, once i get around to trying them out.

Now... as promised ( Danika ) i would like to give a big shout out to yet another philosophy product. This one is called "The Present". The bottle reads "A "present" can be purchased. a "gift" is something money simply cannot buy.."

It creates an airbrushed look, and visibly reduces your pores and wrinkles. It can be used over an oil-free moisturizer to help create a flawless looking complection or it can be used under makeup to create a smoother complection ( I use it under foundation ). The product takes two minutes to set before anything else should be applied over it. Additionally, and you may want to omit that part about the "foundation", when you tell your guy, but this is marketed as a unisex product. It moisturizes, helps to prevent surface breakouts, and evens out skin imperfections.

I found that it is quite thick, but a little goes a long way. It is white in the tube and blends in clear ( i promise guys ). And it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

I found it made my makeup glide on easier, and my pores looked non exsistant.

The present by Philosophy Sold online or at Sephora locations $25... ( yes i know, i sound like a running billboard for that store. But its like Disney Land for products whores like me.)

Enjoy your night, and cross your fingers that firming cream works.... Summertime is right around the corner ladies!

****I got the stomach pictures from Farrah! These are the actual pictures posted on the Arbonne website. See the results for yourself...

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