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Monday, March 29, 2010

Ah High school...... To be skinny again.....

Ah.... high be skinny again, beautiful again...young again. When I hear people say they wish they could go back to the "good ol' days" and do high school all over again, 2 things come to mind.... 1) What sort of drug are they smoking? and, 2) What high school did they go to? Cause personally, you could not PAY me to go back and do that again. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!! Let me explain....I was not the nicest girl in high school... nor was I one of the meanest... with that being said... every teenager gets teased about one thing or another... More often that not... that "thing" they were teased about was something physical. Now, I can only speak for myself, and well, most of my girlfriends when I say that whatever that "thing" was probably still bothers them to this day. That is, unless, you were able to have it surgically altered OR decided to survive on sunshine and water :)

Whether your short, tall, fat or skinny, little teenage bitches are always going to find something to taunt you about. I was teased for having a double chin (God, I can’t believe I'm actually sharing this). My best friend (a guy to boot) thought it was sooo hilarious to call me "Chinny", a name which spread like wildfire might I add. Let me state, that I had an accident (at the tender age of 9) that required approx. 20 stitches right under my chin. The cut was so deep and wide that my bone was exposed and the doctor had to pull the skin very tight over my jaw to stitch it back up, creating what I call my ‘turkey neck’ (gobble, gobble). Not that anyone would have cared at 14 years them it was fair game and fricking hysterical!

Anyways, as I was saying, what bothered me then still bothers me now. I won’t go do something like lipo (although, the thought is appealing. lol.) So I went on a mission to find something that would help me fix my (unwanted) little turkey friend. I came across a product called ‘Thinny Thin Chin’, by Bliss. Its bottle reads "For jiggly jowls and droopy décolletés. Like a liquid bra for your "v-zone". Tightens while targeting double-chin trouble (THAT'S ME!), and improves appearance of neck lines and cleavage creases." I bought this product while I was pregnant with my daughter (my face looked like a balloon) on the advice from my OBGYN that it was safe to use. I just finished the bottle yesterday and plan on getting another STAT. I can't say that it does anything long-term...but after each application it does tighten up the skin around the neck, jowl and cleavage area (your V-ZONE). And it stays tight for about 6 hrs, I'd say. Combine that with a little bronzer on your jaw line, under your chin and the full part of your cleavage and, you and your 'girls' are ready to go.

This product is much cheaper than a trip to your local plastic surgeon, and much more acceptable at the ripe old age of 28 (no Heidi Montag’s here).

Oh! and one final thing, my "friend" who created my oh so flattering nickname... its ok. He was referred to as Big Bertha up until a few years ago. :) lol. Sorry bud.

Bliss: Thinny Thin Chin Anti-Aging Neck treatment.
Sold at Sephora stores & online
$48 CND

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