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Sunday, December 4, 2016

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

MAC Studio finish concealer. Cream.

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MAC Select cover up liquid concealer.

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Con-ceal (kuh n- seel) To hide; withdraw or remove from observation; cover or keep from sight.

A friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, confessed today that she uses tattoo cover-up for her blemishes (forgive me for making this public xoxox). This blog is dedicated to her ( And all you other ladies out there who believe your skin is so atrocious that you need to use stage makeup, to conceal it).

Let me start off by saying YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. You do not need to "hide" your face under an inch of product. I promise you. I know we all have our insecurities, things we wish we could change, or that we question our parents for not having surgically removed at a young age. Believe me, I know. I have those same insecurities. And to be honest, I'm a bit of a hypocrite, I've had numerous moles removed solely because i hated how they looked. I guarantee you, I am the only one who knew they were there. I had 4 moles removed from my face within the past few years.... and 5 additional moles removed elsewhere. Of those 9, I have only had 1 person notice that the facial moles where missing. This person has known me since i was 4 . She knows every square inch of my face... she was the ONLY person to notice they were gone.

I know I'm rambling, but I have a point. Our problems are all in our own head. You are beautiful! One of the best pieces of advice i was ever given went like this..." Even if your looking your absolute worst, No makeup, hair up and sweatpants on. If you walk into a room of 25 people, 24 of them may think you look like shit. But guaranteed 1 person will think your beautiful." Its true. We are all so consumed by how others perceive us, that we forget that there are always people out there that find us amazing just the way we are.

Ok, that was my pep-talk. Now onto concealer. Some of you might want to know the old chicken or the egg question... what comes first, foundation or concealer? As a makeup artist I'm going against the grain by saying this... but do whatever works for you. In school they taught us torconceal first. That way the foundation goes overtop and blends in the edges. Also, if you put concealed on 2nd it seems to slide around a bit more. Now, with that being said, i rarely put a lot of concealer on... and there have been countless times when i have applied it after foundation. No biggy. Set it with some powder, and it should stay put. Bottom line, like i said, do what works best for you... but try to switch it up just to compare.

Similar to foundation, finding the best concealer depends on the look you are trying to achieve. Concealers generally come in two forms, liquid or cream. Which one you use depends on what your trying to conceal. For minimum coverage i would go with a liquid foundation. It blends well, and evens out those red, blotchy areas. For under your eyes, personally I use a cream concealer. I just don't feel like a lot of the liquid ones don't do the trick (that's not to say some don't, i just haven't found one). Cream concealers are also ideal for covering blemishes and scars. Finally there are concealer sticks out there that give a full coverage, but be careful. They go on extremely thick and can look awful under your eyes if you use too much. To make it easier on yourself, and your product, purchase a concealed brush and apply until you get your desired effect. If you use a sponge it will just move the product around and look cakey, whereas a brush can help "build" the product on your face.

Generally, yellow-toned products are your best bet for covering up under eye circles. Orange-based tones blend best into dark or black skin. You want your concealer to be a shade lighter than your foundation. Keep in mind that your foundation should be as close a match to your skin tone as possible. ( I know, common sense, but we've all seen young girls that resemble oompa loompas walking around the mall. ) Ya ya, kind of mean... but Girls your face should not be ORANGE. If it is, STOP TANNING :)

I just lost half my followers. lol.

Anyways, There are a ton of good concealers out there... and to be honest, you can find some really good, cheap ones at your local drugstore. But if you are looking for something that is a little better quality, here are a few to keep in mind. Cream concealer: Laura Mercier Under Cover Pot (1,2,3...according to shade). It is a box with a cream and gooey concealer (secret camouflage and concealer) on the top, and a setting powder underneath. $28 CND at Sephora Stores or online at Liquid concealer: MAC Select cover-up. 10ml $20 CND. At MAC stores and online. Cream pot concealer: MAC studio finish.7g $20 CND at MAC stores and online. concealer stick: (its actually a foundation stick that I'm recommending) MAC studio stick 9g $35.50 ( It is full coverage, just apply where needed ).

I hope some of this helps, and not hesitate to message me if you have any questions.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation

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Chosing the right foundation for you.... unless your me... then you just buy them all.

I have a confession to make. I have a small infatuation with foundations. Meh, no its actually quite an unhealthy obsession to be honest... but whatever. You know how some people go out and buy shoes... well that's me, except with little golden bottles of liquid sunshine. I love them! They can make you look tanned, dewy, matte or fresh faced on any given day. If you find the right one, it never lets you down. And always make you look your best. Ahhhh... see kind of like shoes.

Go into your makeup bag, now tell me, how many bottles of foundation do you have? 1, maybe 2? If you enjoy the sun, 3 tops, right? I have a whole kit full of foundations. Yes, i know i have a problem, but that's beside the point. Foundations come in all shapes and sizes, just like shoes. You know those days when you plan to wear your cute peep toe, kitten heels and instead of looking sexy, you look like your grandma going off the church... yea... same thing. You always need a backup plan, to your failsafe.

Without knowing you and your skin, I cannot tell you which foundation would be best. But I'm going to give you an overview of how to find the right one for you, as well as which ones i prefer. I'm sure your getting sick of listening to me tell you what i like.... but hey, its my blog, so too bad for you :) lol.

Anyways, foundations. There are SO MANY out there... Cover girl, Remel, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Mac, Smashbox, Laura Mercier and Lancôme... You get the idea. Its overwhelming! Who makes the best product? Which helps with dry or oily skin, who's product wears the longest... there are so many questions that go into picking the right foundation. Hence why i have so many. That, and not everyone i work with is NC-30. (for you MAC fans)

First of all you need to figure out your skin type. Are you dry, oily or normal. If you are oily for example, you want to gravitate toward something that says "oil-free" on the bottle. Dry? Look for a moisturizing foundation that promotes "hydration". There are also a wide range of anti aging products out there that look fantastic on mature skin ( over 40, with exceptions :) please don't send me hate mail ). For example, Elizabeth Arden Intervene SPF 15 is nice, goes on soft and smooth and can help conceal and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Next you need to figure out weather you have a warm or cool skin tone. Here are a few simple rules of thumb...
1) Turn your wrist over and look under a light. Do your veins look more green or blue?

If you said green you are more likely a warm skin tone.
If you said Blue, a cool skin tone is more likely.

2) Get a piece of white paper, or a towel. Now hold it up to your face in front of a (large) mirror. Does your skin look more yellow or reddish/blue?

If you said Yellow you would be warm, if it looks reddish blue or rosy it would cool.

There are a ton of other ways to tell what your skin tone is, but honestly, the best and most accurate way if your confused is to approach a local cosmetic counter at the mall. They will be able to let you know.

Anyways, most foundations are split up according to skin tone. There are warm, cool and neutral colors. Finding your proper tone will make all the difference in the way your foundation looks on you.

When trying to determine the right shade, place a small amount of the product at your jaw line and blend well. Go to a window or a door if possible, and try to look in a mirror. Did it blend in nicely? Can you see the foundation? Most importantly, do you look like an oompa loompa? If so, try something lighter... let your friends laugh at someone else, not you. I know, some foundations that match your skin tone make you look pasty (sometimes even like death), if so, try a shade darker... but don't go overboard, there is always bronzer.

Worse case scenario, you get it home and you look like your old (sun worshiping) Aunt Ida, return it. Most Drugstores and cosmetic counters will let you exchange a product as long as it is within a few days of purchase.

Finally, Application. You have your choice of tools.... you can use a foundation brush, a sponge or your fingers (PLEASE don't use your fingers... or you will be re-reading the blog on skincare, and blemish control). Make sure you are not allergic to latex if you decide to use a sponge. (Condoms and dishwashing gloves are made of latex, have you ever had a reaction ?) If not, go crazy, buy whichever you would like. However, if you are allergic to latex, there are plenty of sponges out there that are latex free. In general, a foundation brush will give you more coverage, where as a sponge (by nature) will absorb some of the product and deliver a sheerer finish.

Also, don't feel like you need to put foundation all over your face. If you just require some "help" around your nose or eyes... then that's all you need. Just be sure to blend well!!!

Now onto some products... For along time i had a big "hate on" (as my husband would call it) for MAC foundations. They sucked so bad! I would tell everyone within earshot to not waste their money. Well, I stand corrected. A few years ago i started trying MAC foundations again and I can wholeheartedly say they have come along way. I love them. MAC carries a number of really good foundations, but personally their face and body makeup is great. Is goes on smooth, it isn't thick and it gives just enough coverage. All in all, good product. Also, their Studio sculpt SPF15 is fantastic too, but definitely thicker. It gives a medium to full coverage.

Another foundation that i just discovered and really enjoy is Estee lauder Double Wear Light, Stay in place foundation. I have to admit, I was a skeptic, but honestly it works. I applied my makeup at 2pm on Saturday and when I came home at nearly 2:30am it was still in place, not a smudge or a rain mark ( and for those of you in Vancouver, you know it was pissing that night ). I was really impressed. I've used Estee Lauder foundation in the past, and always seem to keep coming back to them. They're foundations never feel thick or cakey, and always leave my face looking nice but not over done. Definitely worth a try. Estee Lauder Double Wear Light. Available at The Bay Nationwide or online. $ 47 . ( yep, its pricey, wait till there is a nice gift with purchase going on, so its worth your while.)

Anyways, I hope this helps clear up a few things. If you have any other questions feel free to drop me a line.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

MAC moisture tint

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Its a boring blog today... Tinted Moisturizers.....

Sorry ladies... i know its kind of dry and boring today.... :) I will do better tomorrow.

You know those days when it is blistering hot out... and you just know that your makeup will be melting off your face in a matter of minutes? Tinted moisturizer ladies! Its great, dewy and very sheer. It will give you a nice glow, while it evens out your skin tone.

There are so many tinted moisturizers out there right now. They are all virtually the same, although they have different coverage. What you choose depends on what you need. Personally, I have 3 ( my husband thinks I belong on hoarders…Whatever. ). One is very sheer, one is a little thicker, and the last is a little darker, for when I'm tanned.

To be honest, I just put all three on the back of my hand and walk into the light to see the difference between them. They all feel the same, and the only difference would be the darker tint in my "tanning moisturizer".

The 3 that I use are the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer ( thinnest ), Smashbox's oil-free sheer focus tinted moisturizer ( a little thicker), and Mac Studio moisture tint w/SPF 15. My favorite and the one I use most often would be the Mac Tint. For the days where you need a little more foundation, cut the tinted moisturizer with your regular foundation. It will give you a nice coverage, but won’t feel as though you have a "full face" on.

Mac Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15. 40ml tube, $38 CND, available at MAC retailers & online.

On a side note for all you other makeup artists, estheticians & hair stylists out there. My girlfriend Nicole informed me about West Coast Beauty Co. 108-6741 Cariboo Road, Burnaby, BC (604) 321-2700‎. You need your license or Diploma... But this place is awesome! There are cheap products and a wide variety. I will definitely be going back!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


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As promised (Danika).... The Present.... and a little bit of the future....

Im going to do a little something different with todays blog. Im going to fill you in on a product that i am about to try, and that im kind of stoaked about :)

A few years ago i was intodruced to a product line called Arbonne. Now to be honest, I have the mentallity (apart from bare minerals & pro active) if it isnt sold in stores i dont want it. Kind of narrow minded, but im being honest. I guess i just feel like, if it was this miricle product it would be EVERYWHERE and easy to get my hands on. With that being said, I was having a mini meltdown the other day and a girlfriend of mine ( Executive Area Manager for Arbonne International) came over and brought me some treats ( and by treats, i mean the free sample varity ). We drank a bottle ( or 2 ) of wine, and got to chatting about Arbonnes latest products, and what she put in my nifty little goodie basket. Then she had me sit infront of the computer and look at some before at after pictures of models who had used the product. Let me say, it had nothing to do with the wine, these photos were unbelievable. There is a firming cream that they carry, that changed the apperance of the models stomach in 4 days... yep, 4 days. It was crazy. So much so, i was like "I want a bottle of that". lol.... No, scratch that. I want a vat. If i can get my hands on that before and after shot i will post it for you to take a look at.

Anyways, for the sake of all you yummy mummys out there that would kill for your old stomach back... I will be your guinea pig. If i am feeling extra brave ( and somewhat stupid ) i may even take a before and after shot of my own belly. I make no promises on that... but we shall see.
If you want to try the product out along with me, give me a call and i would be more than happy to order you a bottle. Again, its called Arbonne RE9 Advanced firming body cream if you want to google it. Available online or through myself. I will keep you posted on the results. I may also share with you some of the other goodies that were in my basket, once i get around to trying them out.

Now... as promised ( Danika ) i would like to give a big shout out to yet another philosophy product. This one is called "The Present". The bottle reads "A "present" can be purchased. a "gift" is something money simply cannot buy.."

It creates an airbrushed look, and visibly reduces your pores and wrinkles. It can be used over an oil-free moisturizer to help create a flawless looking complection or it can be used under makeup to create a smoother complection ( I use it under foundation ). The product takes two minutes to set before anything else should be applied over it. Additionally, and you may want to omit that part about the "foundation", when you tell your guy, but this is marketed as a unisex product. It moisturizes, helps to prevent surface breakouts, and evens out skin imperfections.

I found that it is quite thick, but a little goes a long way. It is white in the tube and blends in clear ( i promise guys ). And it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

I found it made my makeup glide on easier, and my pores looked non exsistant.

The present by Philosophy Sold online or at Sephora locations $25... ( yes i know, i sound like a running billboard for that store. But its like Disney Land for products whores like me.)

Enjoy your night, and cross your fingers that firming cream works.... Summertime is right around the corner ladies!

****I got the stomach pictures from Farrah! These are the actual pictures posted on the Arbonne website. See the results for yourself...

Monday, March 29, 2010


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Ah High school...... To be skinny again.....

Ah.... high be skinny again, beautiful again...young again. When I hear people say they wish they could go back to the "good ol' days" and do high school all over again, 2 things come to mind.... 1) What sort of drug are they smoking? and, 2) What high school did they go to? Cause personally, you could not PAY me to go back and do that again. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!! Let me explain....I was not the nicest girl in high school... nor was I one of the meanest... with that being said... every teenager gets teased about one thing or another... More often that not... that "thing" they were teased about was something physical. Now, I can only speak for myself, and well, most of my girlfriends when I say that whatever that "thing" was probably still bothers them to this day. That is, unless, you were able to have it surgically altered OR decided to survive on sunshine and water :)

Whether your short, tall, fat or skinny, little teenage bitches are always going to find something to taunt you about. I was teased for having a double chin (God, I can’t believe I'm actually sharing this). My best friend (a guy to boot) thought it was sooo hilarious to call me "Chinny", a name which spread like wildfire might I add. Let me state, that I had an accident (at the tender age of 9) that required approx. 20 stitches right under my chin. The cut was so deep and wide that my bone was exposed and the doctor had to pull the skin very tight over my jaw to stitch it back up, creating what I call my ‘turkey neck’ (gobble, gobble). Not that anyone would have cared at 14 years them it was fair game and fricking hysterical!

Anyways, as I was saying, what bothered me then still bothers me now. I won’t go do something like lipo (although, the thought is appealing. lol.) So I went on a mission to find something that would help me fix my (unwanted) little turkey friend. I came across a product called ‘Thinny Thin Chin’, by Bliss. Its bottle reads "For jiggly jowls and droopy décolletés. Like a liquid bra for your "v-zone". Tightens while targeting double-chin trouble (THAT'S ME!), and improves appearance of neck lines and cleavage creases." I bought this product while I was pregnant with my daughter (my face looked like a balloon) on the advice from my OBGYN that it was safe to use. I just finished the bottle yesterday and plan on getting another STAT. I can't say that it does anything long-term...but after each application it does tighten up the skin around the neck, jowl and cleavage area (your V-ZONE). And it stays tight for about 6 hrs, I'd say. Combine that with a little bronzer on your jaw line, under your chin and the full part of your cleavage and, you and your 'girls' are ready to go.

This product is much cheaper than a trip to your local plastic surgeon, and much more acceptable at the ripe old age of 28 (no Heidi Montag’s here).

Oh! and one final thing, my "friend" who created my oh so flattering nickname... its ok. He was referred to as Big Bertha up until a few years ago. :) lol. Sorry bud.

Bliss: Thinny Thin Chin Anti-Aging Neck treatment.
Sold at Sephora stores & online
$48 CND

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tip of the day: Waxing vs Threading.

Ah... the age old question... To wax or to thread? let me start off by saying I'm only a little biased... I have had my face threaded religiously every two weeks for the past 6 years. So you know where i stand...but i am going to try to give you some straight forward facts, as well as the pros and cons for each method, hopefully helping you make the right decision for YOU.

For fairness sake, we will start with waxing. Waxing is great for creating a natural looking brow. As a rule, your esthetician should only remove hairs from under your brow, not on top. Working with what you already have, creates a softer more genuine looking arch. Waxes have come a long way, Most people with sensitive skin no longer react to them the way they used to. Results from waxing usually last between 3-6 weeks, before another treatment is required.

Ok, the cons of waxing...I, along with many others find waxing leaves sensitive skin red and swollen. Not a great look on a little Irish girl...I remember getting my eyebrows waxed and walking through the mall to my car, only to be stopped by a gentleman to ask if i was ok. lol. I must have been a sight. Also, it can be harmful for skin. Waxing can tug, pull, stretch, and even remove the delicate skin on your face, eventually facilitating in the development of wrinkles! Let's face it, we are all getting old fast enough anyways, lets not add fuel to the fire.

Threading originated in India as a form of hair removal. It is performed by holding a taut thread against taut skin and ripping the hair from its root. Ok, I know it sounds painful... and to some people it is ( my mum had it done once, cried, and never did it again.) But I SWEAR to you I am a total wimp... and if it was that bad I wouldn't continue to go back to have it done. The best example I can give is to tell you to go get a rubber band, now have someone pull it tight ( or yourself if you can) and rub it against the back of your hand. That it how I described it to a friend, and its pretty accurate from my experience. Threading is 100% natural, there are no invasive techniques used. The majority of people that breakout from waxing tend to not break out from threading. Also, threading is completely safe and dermatologist-recommended for individuals who are currently using medications like Accutane and Retin-A. Also, for those metro-sexual friends of mine out there ( you know who you are ) waxing gives a nice clean, accurate look. And for the record, there are ALWAYS men ( mainly big, macho guys, come to think of it.) every time I walk into MonaLisa having their face threaded. Even my husband (he's 1/2 Asian, and complains about the coarseness of his facial hair) has considered having it done. Bahahaha SORRY MATT, the cat's out of the bag. Don't bother trying to deny it. Teeheehee. :) On a side note.... right about now my husband is (deeply) regretting supporting me in writing this blog... and I'm in deep shit when he gets home. lol.

Although, just like waxing, some places are more tender to thread than others. For example, I find the sides of my face, near my hairline to be quite tender. I can feel them ripping the hairs out as opposed to just the rubber band feeling. Others say the upper lip can be sensitive. Personally, if you roll your lips into your mouth so the skin around them in tight I find the feeling to be kind of nice... It always makes me feel clean, if that makes sense. Threading will give you a more accurate, yet angular look. It creates a more precise brow/arch than waxing. The thread needs to be held straight, where as wax can be places at a softer angle. I have my whole face threaded for $15 before tip, at a Salon called MonaLisa on 50th and Fraser in Vancouver. Yes, I know that's way the hell out there... but ask anyone who has been threaded and they will tell you... if you find a good place, stick with them. I have lived all over the GVRD in the past few years and have learned that lesson the hard way. Case & point: One day I went to have my face done at a new place I discovered, a convenient 5 minutes from my house. When I came home my husband took one look at me, and asked me what I had done to my "face". NICE. You know its bad when..... Needless to say, my eyebrows were non existent. So before you go out and pick a place, make sure it comes highly recommending from someone you trust. Or you maybe filling in (what's left) of your brows, circa 1995, for a good, long while. :)

Cons to Threading ( as promised ), as I said above, it can be painful. But just like anything else, continued use will render it no more than an irritation. I do not recommend threading for anyone with naturally thin eyebrows. Threading will give you a nicely shaped brow, but if there isn't much to work with... stick to tweezing or waxing for now, until they grow in. The last thing you want is to walk away from your appointment with the odd tuft of hair where your brows used to be... sorry :(

ok.... so to sum it all up.... Its basically up to you.... but those are the facts. (sort of) :)

One last time, the threading place I recommend if your going to give it a shot is MonaLisa Hair Salon. 1-6604 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC 604 322 9511. No appointment needed, just walk right in. Ask for Asha ( she is the owner ) and tell her Lisa sent you. The entire process ( full face) takes about 6 min. Just eyebrows... about 2.5 min. They are awesome!


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A nice, refreshing chemical bath for your face :). no really.

Alright, what I'm about to pitch may have some of you wondering if I've gone mad... & ... no, tap water will not have the same effect... :)

There is a product MAC carries called Fix+, it is in a clear cylinder bottle and it looks and feels like water. No, I'm not wasting your time... i promise... read on.

It is a light mineral based liquid that you spray on your face. It is meant to be applied after you put your makeup on. It takes away that "powder" look and leaves you with a nice fresh, non-makeupy finish. I, on the other hand spray it on my face BEFORE i put on my moisturizer. Moisturizer gets optimal results when it is applied to a damp face... essentially, it locks in moisture as well as provides it. Try it! Spray a little bit on before makeup (1 or 2 sprays) apply your moisturizer, then the rest of your beauty regimen. When you are complete, give another spray or 2 to create that nice airbrushed finish.

According to MAC, Fix+ is a "aqua-spritz of vitamin and minerals, infused with a calm-the-skin blend of green tea, chamomile, cucumber, topped off with the fresh, natural, energizing scent of Sugi. Adds radiance, finishes makeup."

FIX+ is sold at MAC retailers and online at $21.50 for 100 ml/3.4 fl oz bottle. (or if you have a nice makeup artist friend who will buy it for you... about 40% less)

Sorry the blog is so short tonight ladies, I'm exhausted and my little one hasn't been sleeping well. She is with grandma for the evening, so i am off to get some much needed sleep.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


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My husband thinks i sound like a Sephora Rep.....

Let me start off by apologizing for all the grammatical errors and misspelled words on the last blog entry. (I know it was worse than normal. lol) My computer decided to call it a day in the middle of the blog and i had to type the rest from my blackberry. Needless to say my fat little fingers can't tell the difference between a "r" and a "f".

Ok... so if you read the title of this post your probably either laughing of wondering wtf I'm talking about. Apparently, I'm only discussing products i like and my husband wants me to rag on something to prove I'm not bias. lol. So here goes....

A few months ago i was in the market for a primer. For those of you who don't know what a primer is, or what it does... don't worry. A lot of ppl are in your boat. It is sort of like your strange step-brother that people just don't quite get...( just kidding Dave not talking bout you... luv ya xoxox lol). Anyways, Primer.... so when i was young (sigh....) i used to sit in my bathroom sink and do my makeup... yes... my bathroom sink. Besides the point. So i would be doing my makeup for a night out and my step dad would come in and ( without fail) ask me if i was Priming and spackling my face... Did i mention he is a carpenter my day, comedian by night. Yea, sooooo funny. I'm busting a gut. NOT. Truth be told, he had a point. You prime and spackle walls... and technically you do the same to your face. We prime a wall to create an even base for the paint to go onto. It also prevents the paint from peeling, chipping and wearing to quickly. Facial primer does the same thing for your foundation. It creates a base for a smooth topcoat and helps the foundation stay on longer.

Now, just so your prepared, there are SO many primers on the market... and what works great for one person, may not for another. Some make you feel greasy, some peel, while others just suck all together. I have tried a few... Laura Mercier has a nice primer, Smashbox has one called photo finish that some ppl swear by ( they also have a light version for oily skin ),MAC has their prime and prep line, blablabla. Ok, you get my point every line carries at least one primer. Finding the right one for you may be a bit of trial and error, but keep at it. If you find one you LOVE (which i have, and will tell you about after i finish my little rant) it is worth it.

I promised my husband that i would tell you about a product that I'm not a huge fan of... FOR ME. I'm not saying it isn't a good primer for some of you, just not me. I found it peeled a bit (almost like your skin would if it were very dry) as i was applying foundation. I also found that it did nothing for the longevity of the wear of my makeup. I will say however, that it is quite nice going on... not thick. Almost like an oil-free moisturizer consistency. It illuminates your face, and is a HD product for all you ladies who have no problem with other ppl invading your bubble. It comes in a number of shades, like a primer/colour corrector. The product name is Makeup Forever HD high definition micro perfecting primer. It is sold at Sephora stores and Makeup Forever locations. $32 CND

If you are up for spending a little more (ok, lets be honest, a lot more) and getting an incredible product... Guerlain Meteorites Perles light diffusing perfecting primer is out of this world. It comes in a 100ml glass bottle with a silver lid. Very luxurious. It has these tiny little pink balls floating around in this clear gel, and when you press the pump the pink ball explodes and mixes with the gel. Its a light weight primer that glides on soooo smooth. I love it.

Guerlain states that this perfecting primer “is made of an exclusive color-control base to camouflage blemishes and discoloration, combined with pearlescent extracts to capture and reflect light and blur the appearance of fine lines without adding shine.”

Now... to be honest... I'm scared of putting the price of the primer on here... My husband reads these blogs... and tax write off or not... I'm pretty sure he will kill me. So.... I will leave it to you.... It is between $50-$100. Sold at Sephora and other Guerlain distributers :) I will post pictures of both Makeup Forever's HD Primer and Guerlains Meteorites Perles light diffusing perfecting primer.

One last thing! I've launched my new work website, so if your not too busy, take a look and tell me what you think :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010


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Pore minimizer. And yes! i found one that actually works :)

Okay, so I was on a recent shopping trip to Mac and discovered this facinating little black tube. It claimed it could visibly reduce the look of my pores by 33% and shrink them by 2/3 with regular use. Well! Ha! sure you can... you and every other little black tube on the market. But then the little voice in my head chirped up said "Lisa, pffff... if they wrote it on the packaging, then it MUST be true. Buy it... It will make you look 13 again". So there I was... 10 minutes later leaving Mac with my "little life changing purchase" ( thats what the little voice called it, not me:) ) Anyways, home I went, with every intention of proving the little voice wrong. I washed my face, dabbed a small dot of the product on my nose, cheeks and chin did my little (it's actually quite large) skin regemine and waiting a few minutes. I decided if i wanted to get the full effect I had to put on makeup and see if this stuff does what it claims...

How suprised was I! It's actually really good! It kept my skin oil free all night and made my pores look significantly smaller. Not 13 years old smaller, but I'll take what I can get.

Now a little bit about the product. It's called Mac Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment. Mac says it is "A light, oil-free emulsion that helps cloak visible pores while controlling oil and shine. Applies "wet" for a gentle micro-exfoliation: dries instantly to create an invisible, long-lasting natural matte finish. Ideal for the T-zone." It comes in a small black 15ml tube. Available at Mac retailers or online. Aprox $25 CND. Really good stuff!!

Tip of the Day: Makeup tutorials

Feel like you can't do your own makeup? Don't know the basics? Check out Youtube! They have great Makeup tutorials on everything from applying foundation to creating a sexy, smokey eye.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Toner Toner Toner.... Do you really need one????

ahhhhh facial toner.... what does it do anyways... and do you really need it? To be honest, i probably have 3 or 4 bottles of toner lying around my house. Do I use any of them? No. OK, well maybe that's a small lie. Rarely, very rarely would be more accurate. Like, once ever 2 months, when I've been having one of those "lying on the biker bar floor" kind of days, and my skin is in need of life support.

Personally, and this is just my opinion, but I don't think its a must use like some other products. IE; cleanser or moisturizer. But that's not to say that it can significantly improve ones skin.

The purpose of a toner is to remove residue but it’s main function is to hydrate the skin, decongest it, and prepare it for future treatments. These are primarily water based and not acidic. It restores your skin to its natural pH ( normal is 4.6-6.5) what does that mean to you? If your skin is oily or Dry it is below of above a normal pH level.
An astringent on the other hand is harsher on your skin. They contain alcohol and can leave your skin feeling dry. Although, some experts swear that they tighten and firm the skin, and can even reduce wrinkles.

You can purchase toner almost anywhere. I am sure there are some fairly expensive ones out there, but if you are interested it giving one a shot i would recommend heading to your local drugstore and picking up a bottle of nivea. It comes in a blue bottle and costs about $7 CND. If you decide you like what it does for your skin, try kiehl's. There is one on Robson street, just past Burrard. They carry some fantastic skin care products.

Tomorrow I'm going to be filling you in on a pore minimizer that actually works!! Stay tuned.

Tip of the day: Perfect Eyebrows all by yourself :)

Tip of the day: Perfect Eyebrows at home...
Brush your eyebrows straight up with an eyebrow brush. Using small straight scissors, carefully trim any hairs that are too long. Then brush the brows back into their natural shape. Hold a pencil along the side of your nose to ensure that the inner edge of your brow lines up with the inside corner of your eye. Move the pencil so that it intersects with your iris. The arch of your brow should line up with the pencil.
Angle the pencil from the outside edge of your nose to the outer corner of your eye to determine where your brow should end. Tweeze where necessary and fill in with a soft pencil or powder. Voila! Perfect Brows! Try to keep them groomed ladies! They frame your pretty face! Oh and ladies.... DONT TWEEZE THEM TOO THIN :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Philosophy's purity facial cleanser

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skin care skin care skin care.....

So i was lying in bed last night thinking about what i should talk about today, and decided that starting with the basics would be best.

We all know that there are days when your skin feels, and looks like you just spent the night on the floor of that local biker bar you would rather not name. We also know that when our skin isn't agreeing with us, whether it be stress, diet or environmental issues it doesn't seem to matter how much makeup you put on, you still look like shit.... but now you also look pasty or orange... depending on your skin tone.

There are so many self proclaimed "miracle products"out there. I CALL BULLSHIT. Either its the same product that was out there 5 years ago... they have just changed the packaging and slapped a big "new & improved"sign on it... OR it does what the other product that is $60 cheaper can do, that you find at your local drug store. So lets talk about those diamonds in the rough.... the products that practise what they preach...the creme De la cremes... But first, the
bottom line... If the canvas isn't of good quality and appearance, nothing you put on it is going to look as good as it would, if you were using a quality surface to begin with. So, with that said, lets get your skin looking its best.

First of all, you need a good cleanser that works with your skin type. I am currently using a cleanser called Purity, Also made my Philosophy. It came recommended by a gf who has very sensitive skin ... and if she was singing its praises... i thought i should give it a shot. Its a one-step facial cleanser... and so far so good. It gives your skin a nice soft, yet clean feeling. It seems very gentle, as far as cleansers go. Yet, did a very good job at removing makeup. The product directions state to apply a generous amount ( the size of a quarter did just fine) to dry or damp skin and to massage for 60 seconds. I found that it dries into your skin a little bit during the messaging... but once you rinse it off you feel no trace of residue.
Philosophy's Purity is available at Sephora stores or online. 3fl oz. bottle $14 CND. 6fl oz bottle $26 CND.

Alright.... I'm off to the gym so have a great day and tomorrow we will chat about Toners... What they do, and why you should use one.


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Face Products that actually work!

Hi! So a little back ground on the product pimpette... OK. I'm a 28 year old mother of a beautiful baby girl. I graduated from the prestigious Blanche MacDonald Center with a Master Makeup Artistry Diploma a few years ago.

Over the years i have bought a bunch of products... makeup, skin care, hair care... you name it... its in my bathroom. My husband would agree... note how i said "my" bathroom and not "our" bathroom as all of my stuff leaves him with about 2 sq inches of space for nothing more than his toothbrush :)

Anyways, I have spent copious amounts of money on products that A) Don't work B) Smell too funny to put on my face or C) Looked SOOOO pretty in the packaging that i had to buy it. oh yea! Mr. Visa loves those purchases (My husband on the other hand... not so much).

I found that i had so much stuff, i never used most of it.... but what i can tell you is there are a few products that i have discovered that i cannot live without. And frankly, neither should you. They are AMAZING. Do everything they say they will and sometimes more.... and they don't stink like fish :) A bonus if you ask me.

I decided to start this blog to share with you.... probably my only follower, Andrea... what you should and shouldn't bother wasting your money on. I am not a sales person... i am a makeup artist, and lets be honest.... with all the vendors in the department stores ie Clinique, Mac, Estee Lauder ... it gets hard to tell one of us from the other. But this i promise you... If it is shit, i will tell you:) And if its amazing, i will pimp the product out like none before me ... then probably go do a little happy dance followed by a trip to Sephora to buy another bottle of the magical goodness.

Alright... onto the good stuff... whats great... whats crap....
I will put the price of the product ( CND dollars) as well as where it was purchased. If the product is fantastic i will post pictures of the packaging so you know what your looking for as well.

I have to say... I discovered my current favorite by reading a book. yes ... i know... wtf is this chick on... but no, really. Beth Harbison's Hope in a Jar peaked my interest. Philosophy's Hope in a Jar is a moisturizer. Its packaging reads "where there is hope there can be faith, where there is faith miracles can occur." It claims to reduce environmental damage, it contains ester of lactic acid for exfoliation to promote smooth, healthy skin. It holds beta-glucan to help give the skin a rosy, healthy glow. It states that results can be seen and felt within days. That was like cosmetic catnip for me... So I walked my butt to the mall and picked up a bottle ( expensive bottle, may i add) of this moisturising masterpiece. Honestly... It is incredible... i made a good handful of my friends go out and spend $100ea on a jar. Not only did i see results within 3 weeks... i was using it once a day, against the package directions that state recommended use was twice daily. Now, on a personal note.... I'm a wee Irish lass... as my husband would say... and I'm naturally, well.... pasty. So i wont sugarcoat it when i say I LOVE SUN and TANNING. yes. I know... BAD BAD BAD BAD... but with that being said... i saw a significant improvement in the tone of my skin in just a few short weeks. It evened everything out... and i swear.... it even seemed to clear up my skin. Anyways.... its fantastic and you should go out and buy it! its an investment in your skin. Treat yourself.... Mr. Visa will love you for it .
Philosophy's Hope in a Jar. Available at Sephora Stores or Online. 2oz jar $49 (i think) and 4oz $79 ( i think) . I will post a picture of the packaging.

OK... its late... I'm off to bed.... nightie night. I will touch base on a different product tomorrow.